Sunday Morning Gatherings

Our earnest desire is to become more and more like Jesus Christ. This requires God to transform us from the inside out. The most powerful experiences of life transformation happen in small groups. However, some activities are more effective in large groups. For this reason, we all gather together on Sunday mornings for a time of worship, celebration, encouragement and fellowship.

Our Sunday morning Meetings for Worship and celebration begin at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome. We do offer childcare for children from birth through five years old for the entire time of the meeting, but parents may keep their children of any age with them during the gathering.

During the first 30 minutes or so, we focus on our relationship with God through songs, prayer and times of silence. In everything we do, we try to give each other the encouragement and opportunity to participate in an authentic manner, being honest with themselves and God. People usually have the opportunity to praise and thank God individually, being respectful of each other. Our choice of music varies so as to give everyone an opportunity to sing songs they like as well as to love others by singing songs others may like. The times of silence are to give us all opportunity to listen to God.

Since loving relationships are the key to experiencing the fullness of life, we spend five to ten minutes to greet one another, catch up on the week’s happenings, share needs and just enjoy each other’s company.

We then invite children to go to their own special time of learning and fun. Children are not required to go, but most of them love the special time our children’s ministry leaders prepare for them.

This is usually followed by a time of prayer and refocusing our attention on God.

Next we seek to hear from God, either through the testimonies of those present or through a message given by one of our pastors or elders, guest speakers or other members of the congregation.

Carole Jensen

Carole Jensen


More photos of our speakers coming soon.

Carrie Meisenheimer

Carrie Meisenheimer

We usually end this time around 11:30 a.m.   Then we have lunch together. Every Sunday we provide a free lunch so people can stay, talk, share and minister to each other. People usually stay till 12:30 or longer.

We hope you can come sometime soon!  We meet at 1950 First Avenue, Walnut Creek, California. See the Map if you need directions.