Recorded Messages

Since 2008 we have recorded our Sunday morning messages onto CDs. We do this for those who are teaching our children during the time the messages are given and as a great reference library for anyone interested in the wide variety of topics covered. The audio quality of most messages is clear and the messages are helpful, inspiring and powerful. Recent messages, listed below and on the next page, are available to listen to online.  These audio files are .wav files, which you can most often play in the browser or which you can download; for Internet Explorer you will have to download the files.

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If you would like a CD of any of these messages, or of other past messages, please contact our church office. The cost per message is $5.00 and includes shipping.

Recent Recorded Messages Audio Files (.mp3 files ... wait about 20 seconds for the playback to start):


Tech issues; but at about 11:00 the volume returns.  Be prepared to turn down your volume at that point.


This message was accompanied by a slide presentation which is here, and a take-home Prayer Challenge here.

This message began with a showing of a YouTube video from The Bible Project called "Read Scripture:  Deuteronomy".  Click here to watch it.  [The mic volume was unfortunately not working correctly until 11:15.  We suggest that if you turn your volume up to hear for the first 11 minutes, please be prepared to turn it back down at 11:15.]


[There is static from minutes 13:20 - 19:00 of this message.]

[There is static in the first minute of this recording and from minutes 37:00 - 41:15.]

2014 Recorded Messages are Under Construction